What are the secret habits of successful people?

What are the secret habits of successful people?

If you want to be more successful you’ve got to make bold; strategic decisions to rise above mediocrity. This could mean working longer hours, perfecting your craft by reading & learning more, taking on more risks, or changing the people around you.

Take a page from billionaire tycoons Sam Walton, Bill Gates, & Rockefeller. These gentleman, along with other titans, all were/are criticized and condemned for their personal and business successes. They innovated new ways to do business while competitors maintained the status quo. They broke the rules when others were to afraid of the outcomes. They dominated their market while others stared in envy.

If you want to achieve more success then you must do things others aren’t willing to do. Negotiate harder, don’t give up after a few tries, get out of your comfort zone, stand apart from the crowd, and don’t be afraid of criticism from others. You have every right to gain more than those who wish to be mediocre.

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