SEO Louisville Reset Strategies

Having a website that can’t be found by potential clients is like having a billboard in the desert. Sadly, many businesses spend an enormous amount of money thinking that since they built it traffic will come. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

With 70% of people using Google to find products or services it’s essential that your website shows up in front of someone at the exact moment they take an interest in solving their problems or achieving their gains.

SEO has been around since the 90’s. But the term search engine optimization wasn’t popular to webmasters until ’97. Just like in the 70’s, where there were 4-5 main TV stations & now we have over 100 for out viewing pleasure, SEO has too grown from the once simple URL submission to hundreds of tactics. Most of these tactics have been undisclosed to those of us who are trying to compete online. And now industry professionals claim there’s over 200 ranking factors involved in the search engines deeming your website popular. It can be frustrating & daunting to keep up with all the guidelines & best practices.

Just last year, Google claims to have made 627 changes to their algorithm but most only know of the large changes which are announced after Google lays down the hammer.

SEO is a marathon. It’s an internet marketing strategy that calls for patience & making sure you’re delivering the best value of content to the searcher. Kudos, to google who want to make all of our search experiences useful. Criticism to Google for leaving much of us to guess.

Talk to any SEO consultant, expert, guru, or the like & you’re bound to hear different answers on the most effective ways to get in front of potential buyers. Some promote on-page more & slight off-page. Some promote guest-blooming, an off-page SEO strategy (since this writing Matt Cutts; webspam director of Google has recommended against this) & the opinions keep going on & on. Problem is all of these opinions take the stance on what you must do to optimize for search engines. I believe we should optimize for people.

Google’s aim is not shrouded in mystery: connect searchers with the most relevant content.

If you are more worried about a good ranking than providing relevant content, then you are going to be fighting a losing battle.

If you hire a louisville SEO company to improve your placement and you measure their worth on the basis of how high they get you in the rankings, that’s fine. But, you should also be measuring them on how often someone is actually clicking on your digital assets.

In short, write useful content. Publish white papers, Write a blog, share research findings,
produce detailed case studies,
encourage user-generated content, create useful applications or tools,
run a Q&A section, post interviews. The list could go on & on.

Give the people what they want. We’ve delivered over 30,000 first page rankings with tremendous click through rates. If you’re looking for SEO in Louisville remember you should never pay for SEO. You should pay for results.

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