Would You Rather Be Right Or Rich?

Would You Rather Be Right Or Rich?

Would You Rather Be Right Or Rich?

This isn’t a trick question. And there’s no right or wrong answer. It’s a question posed to examine your business philosophy and selling style. Because most salespeople are A-type personalities with strong conviction in their beliefs it appears many act like they’d rather be right. Alan Weiss, a leading organizational change consultant once said “argue with the customer and win the argument; not the sale”


There’s always going to be a situation where your client may be misinformed about something. Your job is to make sure you get the sale; not the argument.


I used to be the worst offender. I sold marketing products for a Fortune 10 company and every year there was a renewal conversation to be had with the client. Some felt that what they had been paying for all year wasn’t working and didn’t want to renew. Well, I’d puff up like a prize fighting rooster and strut my knowledge and beliefs all over their silly remark. And usually they’d get what they wanted but not me.


Gladly, cancel I thought. It’s tougher than you think to react differently when someone sees a problem with your recommendation, product, or service. If you can relate perhaps you’ll allow me to share my secret of overcoming this money limiting issue.


Before getting all personal try & empathize with the client. A simple “you’re right John. Tell me a little more about that and we’ll do whatever you think is best.” That’s the secret; to agree on the front end. How can they argue with that? Defenses go down, posturing is reduced, and you’ve taken what they said as being important to them so you can now advance the conversation. Often times it led to just changing the headlines, design, messaging, or offer in their marketing.


I learned this technique from my humble more logical business partner. He doesn’t agree with confrontation; only collaboration. Instituting this approach takes much practice and lots of ego shrinkage. Save the arguments for debates not sales situations and you too can be rich more than you’re right.

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