Very few respond to my email, social, or marketing campaigns. What’s going on?

Have you ever dropped some ketchup or food on your pants or shirt & then tried to avoid people all day in fear that they would notice? If so, you’ve demonstrated the power of the “spotlight effect”; a social phenomenon that allows you to believe people are paying more attention to you than actually are.
This same phenomenon occurs in business life too. Commonly, it’s found in companies who believe consumers are paying more attention to their advertising than actually are, thinking every follower on social is reading all the content they push out, & believing everyone is reading the promotional emails sent to them.
If you’d like a helpful visual draw a full circle on a sheet of paper. Draw a smaller circle inside the first circle and continue drawing circles inside each other much like the rings on a dartboard. See that little small circle? The tiny bullseye? That’s the attention you’re messages are getting. Just a tiny fraction of what you thought.
To increase your response you must capture more attention from more people. Only then will you capture more revenue.

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