Q: How can I create more leads to buy my product/service?

A: It’s important to understand that at any one time there’s only 3% of people who’ve already made the decision to buy a certain product or service and another 7% who are just thinking about buying a certain product or service. The remaining 90% of people fall into these 3 categories:

  1. Not thinking about it
  2. Don’t think they’re interested or
  3. Know they’re not interested.


This means 90% of your advertising messages are falling on deaf ears because most people are not ready to buy something at the exact moment they see an ad.


With that knowledge, it’s recommended you move away from traditional marketing ads and toward educational marketing. Educational marketing allows you to achieve a set of micro-yeses thus leading to the macro-yes; the conversion of the sale. Too many advertisements assume that people are already sold on buying when in fact they are not. Therefore, lead capture and nurture is the name of the game.


How can you be more educational in your marketing message to draw more people into your solution?

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