What if You Could Predict the Future?

What if You Could Predict Who was Going to Buy Your Product or Service Within the Next Month?

AND, what if you could obtain a list of those future buyers before they decided to purchase from your competition?

Imagine if you possessed the complete contact information for every person in your market who is preparing to buy your product or service…think of the possibilities! Today’s buyer completes dozens, sometimes hundreds, of online behaviors before they make a purchase.

Our ground-breaking software collects and analyzes 15 billion behaviors per day and identifies the specific individuals who are preparing to buy what you sell.

We create the “predictive List” of buyer names, along with their address, email and phone number.

Next, businesses market to those individuals across various channels (ie Facebook, Google AdWords, YouTube, Email, Mail)


facebook           letter          adwords          youtube          email


The result? Simple. More people buying from you instead of your competition.

Predictive Leads gives you the power of knowing something your competition doesn’t know:

  1. Know who is in market right now preparing to buy
  2. Know the full contact info of exactly who’s at your website preparing to buy
  3. Know which of your CRM leads is STILL in market preparing to buy
  4. Know which of your past customers are BACK in the market preparing to buy