Why Don’t People Buy, Even When They Show Interest?

Why Don’t People Buy, Even When They Show Interest?


Q: Why don’t some people buy even when they show interest in my product/service?

A: There are those occasions where someone walks into your store, visits your showroom, asks to be contacted, sits through a sales presentation but for many reasons don’t buy. This can be confusing for marketers, salespeople, and business owners. Let’s look at the top 3 reasons why someone might not buy from you or your business:


  • Personal Matters- It’s the inevitable moving parade of life; things happen with children, marriages, health, and family responsibilities that stall a decision. That’s why follow-up is so important so the recommendation is to remain “professionally persistent” with follow-up.
  • Poor sales experience- Anyone who feels pressured, intimidated, unqualified and/or confused won’t give up their hard earned money. Note: These sales tactics are what we consider “sales prevention”
  • They’re never asked- sounds obvious and as it turns out, research shows this is the number one reason people don’t buy. How many people would be married if no one asked their significant other? How many dollars would be collected at church offerings if no one passed the plate around? You have to set up the environment for a yes or no.


Don’t think about whether you’ve heard these things before. Think more about how you can better apply tactics to circumvent these challenges.


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