“We Guarantee to Uncover $10,000,000 of Lost Revenue.

If Not, I’ll Give You My Bentley.”

Chad Celi, Founder



For 35 years, advertising agency, Leo Burnett had been the agency of record for McDonald’s.  That was until, Omnicom, agreed to be paid on a performance basis.

Omnicom agreed to make zero profit on the media it sells to McDonald’s and instead make their money on things like overall sales, measurable increases in specific brand objectives, retention, etc.


Business has changed.  The traditional marketing model no longer serves a business in the new world of relationships and commerce. The marketing/advertising world is worried. If accountability becomes the norm those that can’t perform will perish.


This news got me thinking. Although we’re not an ad agency, I asked my team how can we adopt this “pay for performance” experience for businesses?  So, one of my consultants said “what about giving your car away if we can’t identify millions of dollars in lost revenue?”


I thought the idea was silly at first, “a gimmick,” if you will, but the more I thought about it, maybe not so much:

1) How often are business owners promised superior results by well-intentioned, but often misguided, marketing or advertising advice?

2) When that advice doesn’t result in the promise or assurances the business was given what do the marketing companies or ad agencies risk? Nothing; the client paid all of the money and took the biggest risk. Does that sound fair?


You take on enough risk. I think it’s fair to put my company (and my own personal car) on the hook to perform for your business. I think it’s even more fair to risk something on my end.

We help companies identify lost revenue and recover it without spending more money on traditional marketing.


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