Michael E. Hendren

Michael Hendren, author of Spiritual Capitalism and Sales Management Mastery, embodies a remarkable success story. He grew up in abject poverty in the cotton fields of Atoka, Tennessee, a small country town of 113 people. He lived in a house with no electricity, running water, or indoor plumbing and began working in the cotton fields at age seven. He was severely abused during his childhood which included hundreds of beatings with different instruments, sometimes within a breath of his life.

Yet he became a noted corporate turnaround specialist and one of America’s most accomplished and highest-paid executives.

He was recognized as the motivational genius and  spiritual leader  behind Ascend Communications, a small company that grew wildly under his maverick leadership.

While Ascend’s CEO guided product development, Hendren served as the company’s motivational master and sales leader. As Executive Vice President for World-Wide Field Operations, he increased revenues by millions eventually leading an organization that, on record, is the fastest growing company in the history of American business.

Against giant competitors, Ascend grew in sales from $12 million to $1.6 billion in only six years, went from 30 employees to 3,000, was highly profitable, and created a market value of $24 billion. After the company was sold to Lucent Technologies, he retired early as a multi-millionaire to become a full-time dad, study world theology, and write about his unique life and professional experience.

Hendren began his career in an administrative position with Honeywell Information System’s computer division. But he soon became one of the company’s top salesmen worldwide. In his first management position, he took the poorest performing office in the country and, in only twelve months, transformed it into the top-ranked operation. His non-traditional approach to leadership launched him on a career characterized by achieving what others did not think possible. He led successful corporate turnarounds before joining Ascend, where he realized the ultimate manifestation of the power of his contrarian approach to building companies; a business philosophy he defined as Spiritual Capitalism. Its universal application allowed him to replicate the success he experienced in the U.S. market internationally in Germany, France, England, China, Japan, and South America.

While Mr. Hendren employs strong core competencies in building strength organizations, developing strategic and tactical initiatives, and quantum goal setting, what makes this innovator so different is his spirit and compelling love for others.

“Business should not be about rules, policy manuals, and politics. That road will kill the soul and minimize business performance.” says Michael.

He believes his philosophy of Spiritual Capitalism, which integrates the mind, heart, and spirit with business acumen, holds the key to quantum financial performance for the corporation and self-actualization for its employees.