How To Let Go & Grow Out Of Control

How To Let Go & Grow Out Of Control

Some people treat their business like a pet. Keeping it leashed & always working “for it”. Running your business like is a child is a much better option to choose because a child grows up & is eventually independent and not reliant on you to always feed, clothe, & shelter. Which business system sounds better? One that always needs you to survive or one, that once you grow, can take care of itself?

To get serious about creating a business that works for you as opposed to you working for it; you must get serious about what you can let go of. When’s the last time you conducted a time study of what you do while on the job. As an owner, if you’re not spending the majority of your time on long term vision & growth initiatives you’re doing yourself a disservice. The first step is to let go of duties & tasks that don’t relate to the long term growth of your company. You’ve got a competent team if you just let them control more of the day to day. If you don’t have employees find some outside resources to help you with things that don’t focus on the bigger picture.

Start by sending this letter to your employees & make sure they understand your new role in the company and theirs.

Hi Everyone:

As you know we’ve been working on a plan for how we’re going to grow the business this year. And while each of you has your part in that, one of the most important things I can do is not get in your way. That’s the only way for you to have the room you need to innovate and refine our systems, and for me to stay focused on our long term vision. To make sure that happens, I’m officially resigning from three ‘jobs’ that you all see me do that I shouldn’t be doing. Here they are:

1) __________________
2) __________________
3) __________________

You know me well enough to know that’s not going to be easy for me to do. That’s my challenge. Yours is to step up to the next level of self-responsibility, to see how this business is as much here to serve your life as it is to serve mine. If you don’t feel that way, or stop feeling that way at any point, let’s talk. Maybe we can figure out why, or maybe we shake hands and wish each other well. Whatever we come to, let’s do it with care.

And nobody’s perfect, least of all me. That’s why I’ve shared this letter with my business coach who’s challenging me to grow and be accountable so that I can be a better leader and manager with each of you.

We have a good business, but I want it to be a great one. I want our business to be a place that all of us can be a little more proud of every day. That’s my commitment to how I’m going to Grow in 2014. I’d love to hear yours.

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