Stand Out From The Competition With This One Analysis

Stand Out From The Competition With This One Analysis

Think about your competition and answer the following questions:

  • Can they say they offer great customer service?
  • Can they say they have the best people?
  • Can they say they have convenient hours?
  • Do they have online ordering?
  • Do they have warranties?
  • Do they have quality products and services?
  • Are they price matching?
  • Can they say they are the best choice?
  • Do they have a money-back guarantee?

Your competition can say virtually anything it wants. It doesn’t matter if you think it’s true. It only matters if prospective customers will. Would you then agree that your competition CAN say these things? Now, what are you saying that’s any different?

In 1933, perhaps one of the most infamous experiments surfaced in behavior psychology. The Von Restorff effect (named after psychiatrist and children’s pediatrician Hedwig von Restorff), also called the isolation effect, predicts that an item that stands out like a sore thumb is more likely to be remembered than other items. Simply speaking, the human species has a bias in favor of remembering the unusual and forgetting the usual.

Look at what your competition can claim again. These are the usual statements made by a business and easily forgotten by prospective buyers. Instinctively, you may feel that your business does all these things better than the competition and it’s not your fault that prospective buyers don’t believe it. It’s because they’ve heard these same things before from so many others. It makes it harder to differentiate because everyone sounds the same.

Of equal importance, the examples above that so many businesses claim set them apart from the competition are expected by buyers today.

Let’s illustrate. Do you know of any companies that say they have terrible customer service? Or, the worst products and services? Or how about the most inconvenient hours? Now, you might be thinking well, Brad that’s silly, no one would say that. My point exactly. They say the opposite and so do the majority of businesses in existence. You’ve got to find other “meat” that is unusual and unlike anything they’ve ever heard, or you risk going in one ear and out the other in record time.

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