How to Grow Faster in 2017

How to Grow Faster in 2017

Q: It’s a new year. What should I avoid doing this year to grow faster?

A: Ask yourself; are there some actions I’ve taken or not taken, weighing on the results I want? Are you committing any of these business growth mistakes?

  • Holding on to underperforming employees- some quit mentally but show up to the job physically. Will you continue to accept mediocre results from your hired hands in 2017?
  • “Me-Too” marketing tactics- it’s very expensive to market your business if you look/sound/and or taste just like everyone else. Stand apart. Be different. Don’t blend in with your competition otherwise you’re just a commodity.
  • Institutional or “image” advertising- Image advertising is any type of advertising intended to promote your business in hopes that people will remember you when they’re ready to buy your product/service. This type of advertising does not attempt to sell anything directly or immediately. With image advertising, you must spend a fortune over a long period time and the results, if any, are hard to measure.

Improve your profit performance and reach your potential in 2017 by abstaining from these mistakes.

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