25 Ways To Gain The Attention Of A Prospect Without Being Annoying

25 Ways To Gain The Attention Of A Prospect Without Being Annoying

How do you get attention from buyers who don’t notice you? Remember, attention is vastly different from gaining awareness. Here’s twenty-five ways your business can accomplish this. (Download this list as an easy-to-read PDF guide.)

Send a personalized video iPad message. Hand deliver to a prospect you’ve been trying to reach or get in touch with. 95% call return!

Lumpy mail. How many letters & postcards have you received in the mail in your lifetime? How many times have you received these?

  • Pill bottle with a prescription for your solution inside.
  • A message in a bottle. A real plastic bottle with your message rolled up inside.
  • A bank bag. Open rates are through the roof on these. Unzip & they can take your offer to the bank.
  • A mini-Rubik’s Cube. Is your prospect having difficulty making sense of complex problems?
  • A million dollar bill. Is your solution worth a million dollars?
  • Sour patch kids. Is there current situation leaving them sour?
  • Band-Aids. Do you provide more than just a temporary fix or a “forever” solution?
  • A remote control helicopter. Do you have a high-level conversation that they need to have?
  • A flat unused brown paper lunch bag. Lunch & Learn?
  • Magnifying glass. Can you uncover something they aren’t aware of?
  • A bag of jelly beans with 1 bean of a different color & the rest another color. Explain how you’re different?
  • Have lunch delivered to your prospect. If it’s good they won’t stop talking about you.
  • “Serve them papers” ordering them to meet with you. A cop uniform & hand delivery is effective.
  • “Skywrite” a message above their building. Call & tell them to look outside.
  • Retweet, repost, & share their social media content. They’ll notice.
  • Ask to pick their brain about something. No one does this.
  • Hire them an assistant for the day. Everyone loves having more time.
  • Send a huge box. 4 feet by 4 feet with a bow on it with your message inside – or you!
  • Buy them a hard cover book that they may enjoy. Better yet, write one & send it to them.
  • Find out what magazine they read. Place an ad asking them to take a meeting.
  • Buy a billboard on their route to the office. Put your face, your message to them and your phone number on it.
  • Have a radio station call & ask for interview. Call in live and ask for a meeting. Hard to say no with hundreds listening.

Attention is the scarcest resource on the planet. Do things other won’t or don’t to get the attention you deserve.

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