Harvard Business Review concluded that 93% of business failures are due to lack of execution. That's why we handle all the details.

There are three types of consulting

1) “Tell me consulting” This is the experience most will be familiar with. These consultants come in & “tell you” what you need to do. There is no implementation from this type of consulting. That’s left up to you as the business owner or organization to figure out.

2) “Show Me consulting” With this type of consulting you’re shown how to do something as opposed to told. Let’s suppose you wanted to learn how to record a screencast on your computer. You called up a screencast consultant, who came to your offices and “showed” you what buttons to click, what programs were compatible, where to save, edit, etc. Then once the consultant leaves it’s up to you to continue the implementation of what you were shown.

3) “Done For You consulting” This type of consulting is far less common. In this arrangement, all your details are handled by the consulting firm. In essence, they become part of your team & responsible for the implementation of the growth plan.

Reset is a hybrid model of all three. We’re the consultants who implement. The innovators AND the doers. We’ll handle all the details.

To determine if your business qualifies for the 30 Day Reset please call 502.329.8934 and ask for Taylor.