Creating A Better Sales Culture in Your Company

Creating A Better Sales Culture in Your Company

Q: How Can I Create A Better Sales Culture in My Company?

A: These are the top five ways to move towards creating a better sales culture in your company:

  1.  Change the way you talk about your sales staff –There is no business without a sale. Hold up your sales achievers with reverence and respect. That starts with the way the people at the top talk about and promote the sales team.
  2. Modify the compensation structure –People do what they are incentivized to do. Commission incentivizes hunting, activity, and new business. Salaries incentivize farming, maintenance and customer service.
  3.  Provide public recognition – It’s hard to be a salesperson. They’re beat up with rejection. They must overcome their own self-doubt. If you want better performing salespeople create an environment where you celebrate the heroes of everyday battle.
  4. Implement more training – What you spend time on is what you are communicating is important. Most companies spend 95% of their time on things that don’t involve growing revenues. Training your salespeople on how to be better salespeople should be most important. Get them training, coaches, or at least access to a library of sales training and motivational material.
  5. Leadership by example –Get your supervisors and leaders on the phone, in the field, and involved in selling presentations. Knowing that the leaders care enough about sales to get involved personally speaks much louder than anything you could ever say.

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