Done For You Implementation Lead

"Nothing Happens until something moves" - Einstein

With a unique combination of sales and marketing experience, Brad works closely with businesses to realize the full value of the sales and marketing RESET initiatives. He engages with clients at all levels of the business from owners, executives, and through to the front line.

Since joining Reset Strategies in 2011, Brad has focused on leading RESET plans to achieve the guaranteed levels of ROI. Brad understands there is a difference between having a strategy and actually implementing that strategy. That’s why Brad employ’s his “6 secrets to implementation success” system that has shown to reduce employee resistance, expedite consensus, and create the most permanent impact with the least up-front cost. Brad’s insights have been published for training purposes in many companies including a Fortune 10 company.

Brad Gaines Award interview

Red-carpet interview with best-selling Author Brad Gaines…
shares what it takes to “Stand Apart”