AI Marketing Lead Generation

The most powerful predictor of an actual purchase is actual behavior.

Getting the attention of enough new individuals, who are in the market for what you sell, is becoming increasingly difficult.

Progressive marketers know that today’s consumer completes dozens, sometimes hundreds, of behaviors before they make a purchase. They know real-time buying behavior trumps historical data, gut instincts, speculation and are looking for more ways to reach consumers at the exact moment they’re preparing to buy. Google refers to it as the “zero moment of truth.” -that moment, in the buying process, when a consumer researches a product prior to purchase. But, placing your brand in front of a consumer at that zero moment of truth is challenging. Remarketing and retargeting are effective methods but both have disadvantages. Predictive modeling is a compelling and productive strategy but its also not without limitations.

Now, pioneering marketers can zero in on new buyers using AI & ML

Aubry is an AI (artficial intelligence) technology that collects and analyzes behaviors, in real-time, and identifies  individuals preparing to buy what you sell.

Armed with this intel, you can advertise using various ad channles and networks.


The result? In a nutshell, more people buying from you instead of your competition. Specifically, lower acquisition costs, higher CTR, and increased sales conversions.

Aubry’s active leads gives you the power of knowing 4 things your competition won’t:

1.    Know the identity of who’s active in the market right now preparing to buy

2.    Know the identity of who’s on your website without them opting in to anything

3.    Know which of your CRM leads is STILL active and preparing to buy

4.    Know which of your past customers are BACK in the market preparing to buy


No CRM Necessary, 100% Privacy Compliant, and No need to worry about expired cookies