Marketing Plan Services

A Solid Action Plan for Recovering Lost Revenue Without Spending More Money On Traditional Marketing

Research has shown that 84% of large & small businesses don’t operate from a true growth plan.

Traditional business plans are usually sowed with goals, aspirations, and sometimes a great strategy but are missing the actionable tactics to make your dreams come true. In other words, businesses rarely have an action plan that they can sink their teeth into.

The 30 Day Reset is designed to give you an action plan for ultimate business growth in the shortest amount of time possible.

“We’ll identify up to TEN MILLION DOLLARS of lost revenue in your business or you pay nothing.”

-Chad Celi, Founder

What is a 30 day Reset & how could it benefit my business?

It’s a revenue loss analysis geared to reset your paradigm on what’s possible and to identify the areas where you’re losing revenue, missing out on incremental results, and bottom line profits.

The 30 Day Reset focus is based on the seven sciences of business building:

  • Hidden Assets
  • Overlooked Opportunities
  • Underperforming Activities
  • Undervalued relationships
  • Underutilized distribution channels
  • Untapped Selling Systems
  • Little Known Marketing Approaches

In order to reveal, to you, the overlooked marketing & selling opportunities and untapped revenues possible in your business we “crack the shell” by:

1. Uncovering Hidden Marketing Assets

Look for under promoted Or non-existent unique selling proposition including owner or staff expertise, competitive advantages – price leadership, differentiation, focus, competitive disadvantages, unique products, guarantees, unique benefits, services, etc. Also look for ways in which extra value could be added to the customer.

2. Leverage Current Marketing Process

Look for low closing ratio, sub-par sales people, no follow-up, up-selling opportunities, packaging opportunities, current sales aides, staff allocation of time, reallocation of marketing dollars or redirection of marketing efforts to more profitable areas

3. Past, Present, and Prospective Customers

Look for a customer base that is not being worked, inactive customers, lack of a data base, cross selling opportunities in the business, back end opportunities, re-activation opportunities etc.

4. Alliance Opportunities

Look for relationships with other businesses particularly in your own data base, look for businesses who target the same type of customer or has them in your data base now, look for complementary businesses that are located near by.

5. Media

Look for the different media you use, do you have an objective, do you use the media for their strengths, do you budget enough to be effective, do you spray & pray, do you reach the right market, with enough frequency, is the message compelling, is donation confused with advertising.

6. Community Marketing

Look for ways to boost the image in the community, is there unique owner expertise, or ideas for seminars or workshops, could you write a press releases? Are their community relationships that could be established, are there sponsorships or donations that would be appropriate?

7. Direct Marketing

(Look for ways in which the business and its products and services could be marketed directly to the buyer through a letter, lumpy mail, , etc. See if this could expand the business beyond the local area.)

Your business will be tested, measured, secret-shopped, analyzed, challenged, & measured like never before.

30-Day Reset Testimonials

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Our 30 Day Reset action plan comes with a 5 time “completely tickled & thrilled guarantee.” If you don’t feel you’ve received 5 times the value of your 30 Day Reset investment or if we’re unable to uncover up to $10M dollars of lost revenue, we will refund your 30 Day Reset investment in full.