Advanced Conversion Marketing Strategies

Are You Converting or Diverting?

When it comes to marketing every detail matters. The words you use in your marketing messages, the headlines you use, the location of your ads, the visual effects you employ, the lay-out of your designs, the graphics used, the offers you present, the social proof you’ve accumulated, the way your phones are answered, your sales presentations, your sales process, your pricing, and your packaging along with dozens and dozens of other critical conversion elements either award you the ultimate conversion; a purchase or the ultimate diversion; a missed opportunity.


To achieve purchase conversions there are dozens and dozens of micro-conversions or micro-wins that must occur first. Many businesses overlook these bigger details and are frustrated with marketing results.

“The 30 Day conversion RESET answers the question: How can I get more people to say “yes” to my offer of service?”

– Best-Selling Author and Founder of Reset Strategies, Chad Celi

The 30 Day conversion RESET is for medium and large businesses that invest consistently in marketing campaigns, want more qualified sales leads, and increased purchase conversions online and offline. It’s purpose is to RESET your current conversion practices into higher performing outcomes.

Our conversion specialists will extensively examine your marketing and selling activities over the course of 30 days and reveal the conversion clogs in your business. At the end of 30 days you’ll walk away with an actionable  conversion plan designed to achieve higher conversion performance at the top, middle, and bottom of your marketing funnels.

Your Guarantee: The 30 Day conversion RESET comes with a 5x “completely tickled & thrilled guarantee.” If you’re not completely ticked and thrilled with the insights, findings, and you don’t feel you’ve received 5 times the value of your 30 Day conversion RESET investment you will receive a full refund.


Important Details:

The 30 Day conversion RESET requires minimal participation and we ask that those who care most about the success of the business participate.

Of equal importance, most all of the work and discovery is handled by us and we request access to some internal documentation including PPC reports, SEO reporting, ad tracking reports, etc. so that we get a baseline of your current marketing results.

The 30 Day conversion RESET is focused strictly on discovery, analysis, and building a higher converting marketing plan for your business. Implementation of the plans strategies and tactics, by RESET, is an option should you choose to retain our services at the end of 30 days.