3 Secret Methods To Receive More Referrals

3 Secret Methods To Receive More Referrals

Referrals are great. There’s only two problems. 1) They don’t happen often enough and 2) there’s never enough of them.

Most referrals are accidental.

For example, let’s say you’re having a conversation with someone and they say “I really need help with x” It’s only then you will bring up someone they should talk to. Very rarely are we running around town glorifying the wonderful experiences we have with a certain business or someone. Rarely, are your clients “engineering” the opportunity to talk about how great your services/products are.

So, how do you “engineer” more referrals instead of relying on “accidental” conversations?

One of the great ways of getting referral business that we’ve implemented is to write a letter to your current clients, explaining that it’s a privilege for someone to be your client and that you can only take on a limited number of new clients until a certain date.

Here’s a sample that should help get you started on “engineering” referral business:

Dear Mr. Business Owner
I’m writing to alert you to the fact that my practice/business/advisory service/store is getting extremely full/busy and I’ll only be able to accept maybe a dozen or so more businesses/clients.

But before I accept new people from the outside, I wanted to alert you, because if you would like to refer any of your associates or friends to me, I want to give you first priority based on who you are.

We believe in doing business with friends and friends of friends before going public with expensive advertising to attract new clients.

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John Doe

P.S. I only ask that you don’t delay

In this letter/email you can offer them a special referral thank you discount off existing products/services or gift an added value bonus for helping you out.

If your relationship to the client receiving this correspondence is one of extreme satisfaction you will receive referrals and they’ll be happy to help.

Another technique that you can use to engineer referrals is to get clients to endorse you to their client lists or employees.

You will send a letter to all your clients/employees saying:

“As a service, we’ve bought every one of you an hour and a half with John Doe. It’s paid for; he’s not going to charge you. He’s going to overview your taxes and financial situation, etc. If, after he’s done, you’d like to work with him, we’ve arranged a preferential rate for you.

There’s no obligation. It’s just a service we thought you could benefit from.”

Another twist: If you’re a lawyer, have your accountant send a letter to his/her clients endorsing you. Here’s an excellent example that could work for you:
“It’s rare for me to ever write to you in the first place, much less write to you about someone in another business.  But I’m writing to tell you about my attorney, John Doe, and tell you about all the things he’s done for me.  (Then give a laundry list of all the ways he’s saved or made you money.)
Because I appreciate the patronage you’ve given our firm for so many years, I was thinking about sending you a letter or a gift box, but I decided the most noble thing I could do for you is buy you an hour of my attorney’s time.  So I’ve arranged to do that, and there’s no charge or obligation to ever use him again.  It’s not going to cost you anything, but you’ve got an hour with him to talk about any subject you want, whether it’s over viewing your business, financial planning, contract negotiation, or whatever. I can’t recommend him enough.  Here’s his number.   Just tell him that you’re the person I’ve bought the hour of time for.”

There’s over 93 referral systems you can use to “engineer” more referrals. I hope a couple examples will help you see the alternative approaches that work well and consistently.

For 91 more examples and case studies on how to engineer more referrals, give us a call and we’ll be happy to share. 502-329-8934 or [email protected]

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