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“Our signature ultimate RESET will generate a minimum return on investment of 3:1. Guaranteed.”

– Chad Celi, Founder

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Identify Lost Revenue Opportunities for Explosive Business Growth

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We'll identify up to $10M dollars of lost revenue from your current sales and marketing approaches in 30 days or you pay nothing.

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Our Ground-Breaking Software Collects and Analyzes 15 Billion Online Behaviors Per Day

Reverse Cryptography Software

This allows us to identify the specific individuals who are preparing to buy what you sell.

Bentley Challenge

We'll Uncover $10M Dollars of Lost Revenue. If Not, The Owner Will Give You His Bentley

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Learn More About This Never-Before-Done, Too-Good-To-Be-True Guarantee.

Done For You Consultants

A Hybrid Model That Brings Together Ideas and Implementation for Guaranteed Results

Ideas and Implementation

93% of all business failures are due to lack of implementation. - Harvard Business Review

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Jennifer Willis, Humana


When I was introduced to Reset Strategies by one of our broker partners, I expected that they would be similar to other marketing firms we worked with in the past. We engaged them for a 30 day Reset and were pleasantly surprised…

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Darryl Isaacs, Isaacs & Isaacs


Working with Chad and Brad is like having your own one-two knock-out punch for marketing. They have seamlessly integrated and co-opted traditional non-legal marketing techniques into our firm’s marketing plan taking both to the next level…

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A high-level marketing & strategy conversation focused on what you’re doing, how you’re doing it, & your overall profit picture. You’ll walk away with a totally new perspective on your business and immediate actionable strategies to increase your lead generation, sales, and your financial direction.

If we can’t identify up to $1,000,000 in lost revenue you pay nothing. Three hour commitment. Call to qualify (502) 329-8934 and ask for Taylor.

$5,600 Investment


Strategic Marketing Professionals

Meet the Team

Chad Celi

Chad Celi

Founder & Chief Strategist

Chad Celi founded Reset Strategies based on a dramatic trend happening in the market: the death of traditional marketing. More »

Michael Hendren

Michael Hendren

Senior Consultant

Michael Hendren, author of Spiritual Capitalism and Sales Management Mastery, embodies a remarkable success story. More »

Brad Gaines

Done for you Implementation Lead

Brad and the implementation team work on site, side-by-side with you and for you to deliver guaranteed results. More »

Taylor Clements

Executive Assistant
Chris Thurman

Chris Thurman

Website Design
Michael Guadi

Michael Guadi

Business Development - Florida
Antonio Pantoja

Antonio Pantoja

Steven Memel

Steven Memel

Advisory Board
Jack Richardson, IV

Jack Richardson, IV

Advisory Board
Melissa Fraser

Melissa Fraser

Advisory Board
Joe Bonura, CSP

Joe Bonura, CSP

Advisory Board

The Most Important Number in Marketing Revealed

Features an inspiring collection of stories that discuss today’s leading strategies, tactics and stories to help people thrive in today’s economy.

Chad reveals the one number & formula you must know to make smarter business growth decisions.

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Business Growth Strategies


What are the success habits of successful people?

If you want to be more successful you’ve got to make bold; strategic decisions to rise above mediocrity. This could mean working longer hours, perfecting your craft by reading & learning more, taking on more risks, or changing the people around you. Take a page from billionaire tycoons Sam Walton, Bill Gates, & Rockefeller. These…

What can I do to get FAST marketing results?

Most overnight success stories we read about today don’t divulge the many years of pig headed discipline and determination it took to reach that success. My point is, many times FAST is not always reality. With that said, there are some force multipliers you can use to increase your marketing results but the truth is…

Q: How can I create more leads to buy my product/service?

A: It’s important to understand that at any one time there’s only 3% of people who’ve already made the decision to buy a certain product or service and another 7% who are just thinking about buying a certain product or service. The remaining 90% of people fall into these 3 categories: Not thinking about it Don’t…

Q: What’s one of the most profitable strategies to grow my business with the least up front cost?

Q: What’s one of the most profitable strategies to grow my business with the least up front cost? A: One often overlooked strategy is to form an alliance with another non-competitive business that has the types of clients you desire. We see strategic alliances everyday. Think of the bank and the Starbucks inside the grocery store, fast…

I’m overwhelmed thinking about all the ways to grow my business. How do I decide what to do?

There are only four ways to grow a business: 1)    Increase the number of new clients 2)    Increase conversion rates 3)    Increase the average transaction size 4)    Increase the purchase frequency Let’s look at this math in action. A company has 100 clients; average sale price is $1,000; each client buys 2x’s per year. So…

Why People Don’t Buy, Even When They Show Interest

Q: Why don’t some people buy even when they show interest in my product/service?   A: There are those occasions where someone walks into your store, visits your showroom, asks to be contacted, sits through a sales presentation but for many reasons don’t buy. This can be confusing for marketers, salespeople, and business owners. Let’s…

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