Meet Aubry: The A.I. powered lead generation technology delivering active buyer leads based on “real-time” buying behavior

Aubry applies an ML & A.I. algorithm that monitors 19 billion real-time purchase behaviors per day. Equipped with Aubry’s intel you can market your brand to only those individuals preparing to buy what you sell.

“Times have changed. Google’s search engine, Amazon’s Alexa, IBM’s Watson, and Aubry…artificial intelligence has arrived and is changing the game.”

– Chad Celi, Futurist + Founder

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Groundbreaking A.I. Lead Generation Technology For Medium and Large Business

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We'll identify up to $10M dollars of lost revenue from your current sales and marketing approaches in 30 days or you pay nothing.

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Simply Changing a Headline Can Improve Conversion By 300%

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Jennifer Willis, Humana


When I was introduced to Reset Strategies by one of our broker partners, I expected that they would be similar to other marketing firms we worked with in the past. We engaged them for a 30 day Reset and were pleasantly surprised…

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Scott Ritchey, Plumbers Supply Company


I am the Vice President of Sales for a nine figure business with 12 locations in two states. I first met Chad and Brad at a luncheon set up by a mutual business acquaintance to learn more about what they do for their clients. In over 30 years of sales and marketing I have never heard of any of the ideas or strategies that they presented to me and my associates that day…

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A high-level marketing & strategy conversation focused on what you’re doing, how you’re doing it, & your overall profit picture. You’ll walk away with a totally new perspective on your business and immediate actionable strategies to increase your lead generation, sales, and your financial direction.

If we can’t identify up to $1,000,000 in lost revenue you pay nothing. Three hour commitment. Call to qualify (502) 329-8934 and ask for Taylor.

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How to Market Directly to Your Site Visitors – AubryID

Business to consumer (B2C) companies like yours invest hundreds of thousands and/or millions of dollars per year driving traffic to their website. The trouble is, about 95% of your website visitors don’t take any action or convert on the first visit. Not only do most of your site visitors not take any action on your…

Mobile Search Disruption: The Disruption Series

Mobile Search Disruption: The Disruption Series

It goes without saying that with the rising use and popularity of smartphones, mobile searching has also increased. The use of mobile internet searching has grown significantly in the last several years. In the 4th quarter of 2013, mobile search traffic in the United States represented about 34 percent of all internet search traffic. In…

Big Data Disruption: The Disruption Series

Big Data Disruption: The Disruption Series

We know that the internet has disrupted and changed the shape of how we communicate on a local, national, and global scale. While big data has a lot in common with the internet, it marks something different; the transformation of how we process the information we receive. Over time, big data has the ability to…

Predictive Modeling Disruption: The Disruption Series

Predictive Modeling Disruption: The Disruption Series

Simply put, predictive modeling, also known as predictive analytics, machine learning, or data mining, is a practice used to analyze current and past behaviors and trends in order to predict future facts or unknown events. It is based on the concept that past behavior or outcomes predict future behavior or outcomes. The goal of predictive…

Smartphone Disruption: The Disruption Series

Smartphone Disruption: The Disruption Series

Our society was dramatically changed by the capability and availability of a simple cell phone in the late 1990s and early 2000s. The cell phone gave us a lot of freedom, convenience, and even feelings of safety and security. Little did we know that the cell phone would grow into a small limitless computer that…

Social Media Disruption: The Disruption Series

Social Media Disruption: The Disruption Series

For well over a decade now, social media has changed the way we connect, interact, communicate, and even the way we see ourselves and others around us. According to Emran Mian, the Director of Social Market Foundation,  social media brings to light the “actual diversity and plurality of opinions.” Prior to 2006, only about 10…

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